16 Valuable Facts On Changing Sales Process

sales trenThe average length of the sales cycle has increased by over 24% in past two years. With changes in technology in the past decade, how people buy has changed, significantly changing the sale process. For example, 2014 has become of the year of mindfulness. As Hazel Barkworth puts it,

“In a world full of buzz and surface interactions, people are seeking more depth and meaning… People are craving time away from the stimulus of the internet, and are severing their connection to technology.”

That means super personalization and personal touch have also taken hold. No doubt, it’s here to stay. And since the buyers are more and more in control of the beginning of the sales cycle, it is becoming ever important to keep up with consumer trends. Here 16 facts from sales and marketing experts that will affect your sales and marketing team’s performance:

  1. 5.4 people are involved in the average B2B buying decision” (Source: @kokaSexton) 1salessummit
  2. Social buyers have higher influence, larger budgets, and purchase more. (Source: @kokasexton)
  3. You have a 5x more likelihood of people engaging with you if you’re a thought leader. (Source: @kokasexton)
  4. Close five times more sales by cold calling prospects who are thinking of changing NOT those already searching. (Source: @CraigElias)
  5. 3% of population change jobs each month. 4 things you need to know when they change. (Source: @CraigElias)6salessummit
  6. Executive buyers say salespeople aren’t prepared. (Source: @MarkLindwall)
  7. People are more willing to answer calls from a local phone number than out of town number (Source: @mickhollison via Doug Devitre @dougdevitre)
  8. Email is the preferred communications channel (Source: @mickhollison)9salessummit
  9. Firmographics, demographics, geographics, psychographics, & histographics are five heuristics of neuralytics (Powerball of sales) (Source: via @dougdevitre)
  10. Early morning or late afternoon on Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to contact. (Source: @mickhollison)
  11. Salespeople spend 59% of their time not selling. (Source: @JoinMe)
  12. 75% of B2B buyers use social media to make decisions and choose between vendors. (Source: @kokasexton)
  13. Four out of five sales organizations closed 60% or less of forecasted deals! That’s “MUDA”. (Source:  @sellingtools)16salessummit
  14. What sales reps spend their time on most. (Source: @sellingtools18salessummit
  15. The real cost of every transaction (Source: @sbarmmer17salessummit
  16. The real ROI of CPQ: 105% larger deal size. – @Apttus ROI of CPQ

What does all this mean for you and your sales team? Buyers are extremely knowledgeable and are looking for sales to be a lot more than just “product pusher”. If you want to shorten your sales cycle or revive dead leads in your sales team’s pipeline, you have to stand and add value. But, if you are struggling to get your prospect’s attention, check out how Granite MEDSystems did it after emails, calls and even gift boxes failed to activate dead leads.

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