Drip Marketing: 8 Infographics That Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know

Only 3% prospects buy on their first visit. Depending on where your customer is in the buying cycle, your customers conversion path might start something like this:  They might hear about you, check you out and then go away. They might come back after a while, read your post and go away. They might talk to their friends, ask questions on twitter and possibly narrow down their choices.

Every lead you get is at a different stage in the buying cycle and decision making process. How do you know if you are giving them information that will move them to the next stage?  These eight infographics will show you all you need to know about marketing by automating a lot of these processes. It covers types of drip marketing campaigns, increasing conversion by lead nurturing and much more. Go right ahead!

  1. Marketing Automation Workflow
    “Many marketers are surprised by just how many things can be automated with workflow.” The subway style infographic below sheds light on the possibilities.
  2. Basics of Drip Marketing
    Discover 6 different types of drip campaigns and learn how to nurture prospects to a sales ready state automatically.
  3. Direct Mail Marketing
    “Despite the rise of email marketing, direct mail outreach is still a valuable marketing tool for any small business.” Learn how popular and successful direct mail marketing campaigns are. direct-mail-marketing-infographic
  4. A Guide To Scoring and Grading Leads
    “Scoring and grading your leads can help marketers do more with their limited resources by increasing close rates and freeing up sales and marketing to do more with their limited resources.”Lead-Scoring-Grading-Infographic1
  5. Lead Nurturing in Plain English
    Learn how lead nurturing can be used for “cultivating and maintaining mind share, building and sustaining interest in what you have to offer, and developing trusted relationships with those who could become your next customer.” Lead_Nurturing_Print1-1024x724
  6. The Evolution of “Zombie” Lead
    This infographic will give you a quick run down of what causes inactive leads, the types of inactive leads and give you tips on how to re-engage them.Zombie_Lead_Management_Infographic
  7. Best Practices for Customer Retention
    It’s always cheaper to keep existing customers happy rather than always finding new ones. Even if you can’t up sell to your existing customers, they can be a great referral source. So, learn about best times to implement retention strategies to keep your existing customers happy. Driving-Effective-Customer-Retention-Infographic
  8. The ROI of Marketing Automation
    “More and more companies are discovering the tremendous value that automation has to offer and are investing in the future of the companies. Of the new technology available to marketers, automation is top of it’s class in the ROI it offers it’s users. Let’s take a look at how this ROI is delivered.”6a00e54ee3905b88330192ac2176ac970d-500wi


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If you have questions about how to put all these tips into practice, leave your questions in the comments below. We will answer them or get them answered for you.


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