The 22 Best SXSW Tips Made Awesome With GIFs

SXSW is upon us and we are all getting ready for the best events, networking and parties. Follow these pro tips for surviving and thriving at SXSW this year:


  1. Repeat after me seven times: “SXSW is chaos by design. I accept chaos.” giphychaos

  2. Set up group text for people you are staying with and your team (if you are bringing one). giphytexting

  3. Add people you met to a Build a community around yourself. This is the best hack we’ve found for maximizing our experience at SXSW. giphycommunity

  4. RSVP ahead of time. GetWillCall will help.  giphyrsvp

  5. Follow SXSW Party List and Free at SXSW on Twitter. Follow us too, while you are at it 😉 giphytwitter

  6. Consider going to HEB on day one and stock up on high protein snacks for every day of SXSW.sxsw tips, energy, high protein snacks, survival

  7. Take every flyer you are handed in the streets. The best events hire promoters.sxsw events, sxsw parties,

  8. Download EVERY transit app (Uber, Sidecar, etc), pre-load your credit card in the apps, and hope to god one works.

  9. Often walking/biking/scooter/zBoard is the quickest way to get to events and parties. For events farther than a mile, look back to tip 8.getting around, walking, scooter, accessible, convention center, austin, sxsw,

  10. Get a place to stay that is less than 2 mi away so you can make it to all the events on time and crawl back after all the partying. 
    sxsw, austin, accessible, walking distance,

  11. Get on a 5 hour sleep schedule before you head to SXSW. giphy5hour

  12. Choose one day to get some catch up sleep.

  13. Keep a permanent marker on you. Date business cards you take. Bend a corner for people whose cards you need to throw away, and another corner to follow up ASAP. Better yet, use Followup!
    sxsw tips, networking, sxsw survival tips,

  14. Don’t be the person who “ran out” of business cards. Have a better excuse or bring cards. Be prepared.
    sxsw networking, sxsw events, sxsw parties,

  15. If you don’t want your phones and tablets out of charge during SXSW, have one of these handy.  sxsw survival tips,

  16. Dress comfortable. This includes your shoes, hat and everything else in between.
    sxsw survival tips,

  17. If there is a panel you want to see, get there 30+ min early.

  18. If you need to meet someone, expect them to be 30+ min late.
    sxsw networking, sxsw events,

  19. Going for business? You must party. SXSW parties are where all the deals happen.  sxsw networking, sxsw parties,

  20. Don’t do anything you don’t want tweeted.  
    sxsw survival tips,

  21. On your flight down to Austin, clean up your phone of all the apps you don’t use. You will download many new apps once you are here. Don’t believe us? Just wait…
    sxsw survival tips, sxsw tips, austin,

  22. Don’t be afraid to leave a lame session.sxsw tips, sxsw events,

That’s it from us!

What are your SXSW pro tips? Leave them in the comments with a link to your twitter or blog so we can give you credit.

P.S. If you are at SXSW, come say hang out with us (MailLift). We will be at the SXSW Startup Crawl on March 6, 2014 too.

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