3 Under Utilized Ideas for Customer Engagement

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There isn’t a marketer on the planet that doesn’t wish his or her clients would take more action. But unfortunately in today’s dynamic marketplace, most of what we produce gets muted (or in some cases ignored) by the sheer amount of online noise.

If you’re searching for inexpensive and innovative ways to better connect and stand out, I’ve shared three ways to drive home that call to action and strengthen your bottom line.

  1. Utilize Video Email

All great marketers know the power of an email follow-up after a sales call or in-person meeting.

But normal email users are driving a Honda when compared to the Ferrari that is video email.

Implement The Digital Handshake, a concept I adopted about a year ago, which gives that highly sought-after personalized feel to your correspondence.

I use a $70 webcam and one-button uploads to WOW clientspretty much like I would in person.

Of course, you wouldn’t send someone flowers before the first date (that’s just creepy) so use your video handshake immediately after that first point of contact for ultimate results.

  1. Bring Back The Handwritten Note

Elaborating on the need for personalization, clients today face a barrage of stimulation when it comes to newfangled communications:

Facebook ads that follow clients around, bulk emails, text messagesetc.

So it becomes difficult for your message to stand out (and in some cases, even get read at all!)

But thankfully, the old-fashioned hand-written note will never go out of style.

Whether it’s a post-card reminder to book your vacation rental for the winter season or a follow-up letter thanking a client for their amazing business this year, there’s a reason Gary Halbert’s A-Pile vs. B-Pile has been blowing pretty much everyone’s minds for decades now:

Because getting real mail that’s not spam is returning as a luxury again!

  1. Share Insider Advice

Information is everywhere and clients don’t just want authoritative blogs or industry experts…

They want privileged access.

So the most engaging marketers are providing clients with intel that’s not available to just anyone.

If you are in the travel industry, share the privileged or exclusive experiences that you’ll be providing to your clients when they arrive (stuff that most tourists don’t get to see).

If you’re selling real estate, be generous and transparently display the very market trends your agency is seeing internally.

No matter your niche, distributing exclusive data, comprehensive resources, or unique perspectives is, according to this amazing infographic from Quick Sprout, the absolute best way to engage clients and ultimately close more sales.

What Does All This Mean?

Today’s marketers are constantly seeking ways to better engage their clients and stand out from the noise.

For the same reason you wouldn’t walk up to someone on the street and start pitching, no longer do interruptions really make that personal connection that we all so desperately need.
But here’s the good news:

Chances are, you’re very good at explaining your product or service in person to someone who could really benefit from its’ use.

So get proactive and start utilizing these techniques that – while they ain’t no cocktail party – will effectively recreate the very dynamics that make an in-person interaction so gosh darn golden.

This is a guest post by Matt Landau. He is known as the Tony Robbins of vacation rental marketing. His writing has been featured on CNN, BusinessWeek, and US News & World Report among other publications.

With holidays around the corner, you marketers are trying to figure out how to stand out from their competitors.

Eight figure marketers don’t just talk at prospects and customers, they build relationships and engage them. That’s why successful marketers use tools that are high touch and more personal.

Sending handwritten holiday cards to high value and top prospects cost $5, but the return on a card that costs as much as a cup of coffee is in hundreds and thousands.

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