How Hugo Boss Engages Customers Quickly

Josh Braun, is VP of Customer Happiness & Success at Basecamp helping Basecamp be even more awesome in the areas of customer success, churn mitigation and growth. Josh writes about sales on his blog SalesJunkie.

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It was the mannequin wearing a dark blue wool and silk suit that drew me into the Hugo Boss store in Boca Raton, Florida.

But it was Dawn, the stylist that kept me there. After answering a few questions, she showed me a suit, helped me try on the jacket, explained why it was the right choice for the occasion and responded to my objections without sounding sales-y.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie,” Dawn said. “We’ll see Matt in alternations next and he’ll take care of it. Relax Josh. Want some wine?”

It was a fantastic shopping experience.

Five days later I received this handwritten thank you note from Dawn:

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.21.29 PM

Wow. Typically, when I’m asked for my contact information at checkout I get a catalog, but Dawn used this information to create a wow moment. It’s the only time I’ve experienced this level of customer service at a retail store.

Worth it? You bet. Not only did it strengthen my relationship with Hugo Boss (you should see my closet), but I’ve also shared Dawn’s note on social media and at my speaking engagements which often have audiences of 150 people.

In the fast-paced world of multitasking and digital communication, a handwritten thank you note is like taking a deep breath. It slows things down –– even for just a minute.

Regardless of the product or service you sell, you’re in the relationship building business. Period. And few things come close to building relationships more than a handwritten thank you note.

Handwritten thank you notes are also a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition because so few people send thank you’s let alone handwritten notes.

If you’d like to try this “low-tech” method of thanking your customers, consider sending a handwritten thank you note as a simple touch to make a prospect smile or after:

  • Getting a referral
  • Giving a pitch
  • Winning a sale
  • Losing a sale
  • Having an initial phone conversation
  • A face to face meeting

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