Don’t Let Your Direct Mail be Mistaken for Junk Mail: Use Postmark Perfect

There’s a reason so many businesses use direct mail as part of their marketing strategy. Sending direct mail has its benefits: targeted recipient lists, customized messages, and measurable results. Direct mail also has advantages over email:

Businesses that send handwritten notes for B2B and B2C communication are also reaping the benefits. 

Unfortunately, with the pure abundance of perceived “junk mail” in the average American’s mailbox (both work and personal), a lot of direct mail gets tossed in the trash without even being opened. 44 percent of mail recipients throw away their “junk mail” without even reading it ( are becoming savvy to handwritten fonts and metered mail, so you have to make sure your direct mail is personal and authentic. You don’t want your direct mail mistaken for junk mail.

Use these strategies, including Postmark Perfect, to assure your mail gets opened.

An Accurate Postmark Helps Outsourced Handwritten Direct Mail Appear More Authentic:

In a past post, we pondered about whether or not it’s misleading to have someone else write handwritten notes for you (i.e. outsourcing handwritten mail).

The conclusion: the real heart of the message lies in the intent, not who carried out the action.

Just because you’re having someone else write the notes doesn’t mean you don’t want them to be as authentic as possible, right?

After all, the authenticity of the letter impacts how sincere it feels. Your sincerity in turn is part of what builds stronger, more trusting relationships with your business partners, customers and clients. As you know, those relationships are extremely valuable and often key to your success.

So, since a lot of stock lies in your handwritten letters, every component of the letter should be true to you and your business. The stationery, the writing style and the content should reflect YOU!

The following strategies can make your outsourced direct mail look as genuine as possible AND they’ll impress your customers:

1. Personalize the letter

Personalization can enhance a consumer’s inclination to read your direct mail piece by creating a sense of familiarity. It also emphasizes their importance to your business. For example, are you more likely to open an envelope that says “Current Resident” or “[Your Name]”? Most likely, you’ll feel important to the second business and choose to open that mail first. (

2. Customize the stationery

The first impression you make with a client should be the best impression. If you can’t meet a potential client in person and give them a handshake and a smile, let your stationery make that visual handshake. High-quality, customized business stationery will give you an edge over your competitors. (

3. Use real handwriting

In 3 separate studies listed on

4. Use a third-party mailer such as Postmark Perfect, to have the letter sent from your location.

What is Postmark Perfect?

Postmark Perfect (PMP) is a MailLift specific service. With Postmark Perfect (PMP), MailLift is able to send your letters from your location instead of our offices in Milwaukee or Austin. This way, when the recipient receives the letter, it will have a postmark from a post office near you!

MailLift actually ships the letters from your location. We have distribution all across America. The USPS marks each stamped letter with your local post mark. Other services may offer you the option of shipping the letters yourself, but MailLift has that covered for you. This is some of what makes us the best option for businesses. postmark mail, handwritten letters, handwritten direct mail

Why should I use Postmark Perfect?

The letters are from you. MailLift is acting as your hands, but it’s you at the very core of the letter. PMP allows your letter more authenticity because it’s mailed from YOUR location, not ours.

Plus, assure your mail doesn’t get tossed in the trash because someone noticed the return address and the postmark don’t match up.

How do I request Postmark Perfect?

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Orders of 100 letters or More:

MailLift offers complimentary PMP to one location on orders of 100 letters or more. It’s an additional $5 per location for each additional location.

Orders of 1-99 letters:

You can choose to add PMP to any order of 99 letters or less for $5 per location. Even single letters can be PMP for the $5 add-on charge.

 *MailLift is now offering free PMP for letters being postmarked in Austin, TX; Milwaukee, WI; and San Francisco, CA!

Increase authenticity and go above and beyond to assure your handwritten direct mail is perfect down to the very last detail.

Try Postmark Perfect with your next order of handwritten letters.

Author: Abby Hoban

Abby Hoban is a marketing expert who helped dozens of businesses succeed with handwritten letters in their sales and marketing campaigns. Abby consulted for MailLift and will always be part of the MailLift family.