Handwritten Note Integration with AutopilotHQ

Add a handwritten note to your followup process by sending handwritten letters to prospects, opportunities and customers from Customer Journeys. Set a template, select recipients, then customize any other details and a real person will write and send the letter.

Automate Handwritten Letter

MailLift‘s handwritten letter integration is one more reason business’ choose AutopilotHQ over competitors.

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Let’s get started!

Grab MailLift Account Information

Go to MailLift’s Dashboard and log in or signup to access the dashboard. Once logged, click on the Integrations tab. Don’t worry, you won’t have to write a single line of code.

Inside the Integrations tab find and copy the MailDrop Key.

maillift key photo

This MailDrop Key is the unique email address for you to send MailLifts and is tied to your account. When you send emails to the MailDrop Key, our system is told to handwrite the message in the email. We will explain at the end of the guide how to use MailDrop more.

Remember to keep your MailDrop key secret.

Create AutopilotHQ Journey

The MailLift/AutopilotHQ integration uses email notifications to MailLift to automate handwritten letters. Log into AutopilotHQ, click on Journeys and create a New Journey.

AutopilotHQ - Select Journey

I recommend selecting Start from scratch when choosing you New Journey. This guide will be using AutopilotHQ’s Start from scratch journey.

AutopilotHQ - Create New Journey

If you haven’t already, name the Journey located at the bottom left of the journey canvas.

AutopilotHQ - Name Journey

Select a trigger from the list and drag the trigger into the canvas.

AutopilotHQ - Select Trigger

For our example, we will be using the List Trigger.

AutopilotHQ - List Trigger

Other popular triggers for MailLift include

AutopilotHQ - Popular Triggers

After choosing your Trigger, click on add shapes

AutopilotHQ - Select Action

From the Action list, click & drag the Send Notification shape onto the Journey next to your chosen trigger

AutopilotHQ - Show Action and Trigger

Hover over your Trigger and drag the arrow to the Send Notification Action to connect them

AutopilotHQ - Conditions

Click on the Send Notification Action’s exclamation mark then click on New Notification

AutopilotHQ - Alert

Create AutopilotHQ New Notification

Name your new notification & select the email option before clicking on Continue

AutopilotHQ - New Notification

Choose a subject and copy & past your MailDrop key from the 1st step

AutopilotHQ - Name Notification

Copy and paste the following template text into the editor and edit it with your message. Edit the yellow section to include your campaign body, the green section with your return address and the orange section for any special notes.

AutopilotHQ - Compose

Subject Line

--Lead Owner-- - --First Name-- --Last Name-- - Welcome Handwritten Letter


--Lead Owner--
--First Name-- --Last Name--
--Mailing Street--
--Mailing City--, --Mailing State-- --Mailing Postal Code--
Hi --First Name--,
Fill in the rest of your message here. Use any merge fields, just like you're writing an email.
--Lead Owner--
Pen Color: Blue
Envelope: Blue Envelope
Stationery: Logo on Standard Bifold
Writing Style: Gender Neutral
Postmark Perfect: Austin, TX
Drop In: Two of--Lead Owner--'s business cards

MailLift works best when everything is in text (our writers write text, not HTML).

Composing the letter body in HTML and then copying it over to text is a recommended practice because it avoids accidentally overwriting work before saving.

Publish the Journey

Select the Publish option. This approves the template for use in AutopilotHQ.

AutopilotHQ - Publish

Publish your Journey.

AutopilotHQ - Publish Journey

Next Steps

Now that you’ve integrated MailLift with AutopilotHQ, look at our other guides for growth hacking and scaling personal touch with creative handwritten letter campaigns.

Win sales with handwritten letters

AutopilotHQ is a tools we love here at MailLift. If you have any tips you’d like to add to this post, reach out to our team and we’ll attribute the suggestion to you on our blog.

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Author: Brian Curliss

Brian Curliss is the CEO of MailLift and a leader in B2B SaaS marketing and sales tools.