Integrating MailLift with <> MailLift Drip

Here are the 4 steps to send and track MailLifts from

Step 1. Go into your settings, select Your Email Templates followed by New Template.

new template

Step 2. Create your template using the following Subject and Body, with the Template’s Name being anything you want.


{{}} via — {{}} — Thanks for Choosing {{}}


123 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94103
{{}}, {{lead.primary_address.state}} {{lead.primary_address.zipcode}}


Thanks for working through the details of starting with {{}}. The team's already voiced how excited they are to get started with {{lead.display_name}}. 

If you have any questions down the road, let me know. I’m here to make your life easier! :)

Thanks 100x for choosing {{}},

- {{user.full_name}}

Pen Color: Blue
Stationery: {{}} Logo on Standard Bifold
Envelope: Blue Envelope and White Pen 
Writing Style: Gender Neutral  
Postmark Perfect: San Francisco 
Drop In: Two of {{user.full_name}}'s Business Cards

Step 3. Add your MailDrop key by going to MailLift’s Dashboard and selecting Integrations.

maillift key photo

Step 4. Take your MailDrop Key and place the key in your email. Do not leave the original email or the prospect will receive the letter request instead of the letter.

maildrop in

Set a reminder to followup in 7-10 days. That gives you good padding for the USPS to deliver your letter. Marketing

That’s all! As you can see, sending MailLifts from is fairly straight forward and completely trackable.

tracking maillift in

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Author: Brian Curliss

Brian Curliss is the CEO of MailLift and a leader in B2B SaaS marketing and sales tools.