Leads Gone Cold: How One Company Increased Conversion by 35%

Every business I know of is constantly trying to increase conversions. It can be sign ups, activation or most important of all converting as many people as possible to become paid customers.

So, we all resort to what we know best – email marketing to start nurturing leads.

In spite of these efforts, according MarketingSherpa, 79% of the leads never convert into sales. So what is really going on?

When so of many of us are all doing the same thing, it becomes hard to stand out. Prospects already receive plenty of emails. With corporate users sending and receiving over 100 emails a day, it is very easy for customers to ignore your email.

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Leads: Warm to Cold

Granite Medsystems faced a similar situation. They were trying to convert leads that had stopped responding. In other words, their warm leads had turned into cold lead.

When they came to us, they had already tried phone calls, email campaigns and had also sent out a white box campaign where they send out white boxes with gifts to decisions makers. They usually send out one box per week over several weeks. After the white box campaign, they sent a member of their sales team to meet each of these executives in person. They were turned away at the door.

Cold to Warm Again

So, after trying out everything they could, they picked us to send personalized handwritten notes to get back in touch with multiple executives and decision makers across 17 of their target companies. 127 contacts to be precise. The goal of the campaign was to get them to talk to a member of their sales team.

They sent us a form letter along with their contact’s names and addresses. We used 3 different handwriters for different sales people in the organization. We also included business cards for each salesperson in their letters to customers and sent it all in one batch.

Within two weeks, 6 of 17 companies reached out to Granite to set up a sales call.

Why Handwritten Letters Increase Conversions

This converted better than their white box campaign for a number of reasons. For example, it’s really hard to stand apart in an inbox swelled with hundreds of emails. Companies sometimes set up barriers for security reasons that prevent heavier snail mail marketing campaigns from coming through or many recipients just throw away the printed direct mail while sorting their mail. So, while the common advice for a successful direct mail campaign is sending bulky letters they often don’t reach the recipient.

Instead, handwritten notes penetrate both barriers and they are more personal. They are also cost effective compared to larger packages.

This is what Granite had to say after using MailLift:

“We tried MailLift on prospects that we had essentially given up on, and were very surprised to see the results. The response rate was way over our expectations.”

So, if you are trying to increase conversions, start by thinking of your prospects first. Figure out what type of communications would this prospect want to receive. What will make them happy to open, read and then take action.

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