Is it Misleading to Have Someone Else Write Your Handwritten Notes?

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It is generally accepted that telling the truth is good and lying is bad. But, I’m going to pose a moral question: are handwritten notes authentic if you’ve not actually written them?

Ok, before you get out your torches and pitchforks to start roaming the streets looking for some maniac who says it’s ok not to write your own letters, let me explain my position: The meaning of a letter lies in the intent, so even handwritten letters written by another hand are meaningful.

It wasn’t long ago I was confronted with this quandary myself. My husband has the handwriting of a drunken gorilla and he needs to write handwritten letters often for work. He’s a good salesman, can fix and fly airplanes and on and on, but his handwriting is impossible to read.

So, he really has three options: forget handwritten letters altogether, send notes that no one can read or have someone else write them. The first two aren’t really options and the third, well, that might seem like cheating on your 1st grade spelling test (It’s not).

He isn’t the only one either.

There are many who have seen the bright side of  getting someone else to pen their letters for them. Andrew DumontMoz’s super smart Business Development Director, by his own admission doesn’t have the best handwriting. So, while he writes his own content for the notes, he has his partner, pen them for him just because her handwriting is better than his.

Not convinced yet? Here’s another question for you: Is your car any less washed if you don’t wash it yourself? Well the answer is obvious, but let’s start with the person’s intention. In the above example, your intention is to have a clean car. But, you are busy and might not be the best at it, so you hire someone to carry out your intention to wash your car.  

Another way to think about this is dictating a letter to an assistant. You have a message and you picked someone to convey it. You hired out someone to pen the message. The message isn’t any less sincere or any less of your own just as your car isn’t any less clean because you didn’t personally wash it. That all makes logical sense, but it could be argued that you’re tricking someone into believing you took the time to write out a note yourself, making them feel delighted that you, a busy person, took time out of your schedule to write a handwritten note.

Remember the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet? Romeo feels his love, but he can’t find the words to express them. At night, he recites the words whispered in his ear by his friend to Juliet. Juliet’s heart pounds for every word that falls out of Romeo’s mouth. Though the words were not his own, it didn’t affect his true feelings for Juliet nor did it change Juliet’s affections for Romeo.  

So, why would a handwritten note, with your words, your feelings and your sincerity penned by another human being be any less a truthful and honest connection?

Wow, this is deep for an article that started off about drunken gorillas writing handwritten letters!

But, hopefully you’ve put away the pitchforks and extinguished the torches because the real meaning of a handwritten letter lies in the intent, not in who wrote it.



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