Send the Letter. Build the Relationship. Close the Sale.

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If you could just get yourself a meeting, you know you could close the sale. You believe in what you are selling, and you’re good at your job. The real obstacle lies in getting yourself an introduction and piquing interest in your product or service.

Driving from location to location, traveling state to state, or flying around the world to meet with leads isn’t always feasible or the best use of your time. This is especially true since some of the leads may be unqualified. You have to find a way to connect with a large number of prospects, but there’s only one of you!

Emailing is easy, but it can too easily be deleted. One mouse click and your carefully crafted sales email will never even be seen.

Phone calls are another option and if you’re lucky, you might even get to speak with the prospect you are targeting, the person with the power to purchase.  But, you might never make it past an assistant. Or, you might be taken straight to voicemail only to leave a message that may or may not get listened to.

Sending letters, handwritten and personal, allows you the opportunity to introduce yourself, introduce your product or service and provide a call to action!

Another benefit to handwritten letters is that they GET OPENED! Personal research conducted by T Johnson Marketing showed by switching from digitally printed envelopes to handwritten envelopes, and by using first class postage instead of a meter mark,  the response rate for life insurance leads more than tripled!


Get your letter opened and you’ll be introducing yourself and your product to multiple prospects in many locations!


Once the letter is opened, it builds a necessary personal relationship with the prospect. In the article, How to Make a Personal Connection with Customers: Seven ways to build relationships with prospects that lead to more sales, journalist Lambeth Hochwald writes the following:

“It isn’t always enough to create and promote an outstanding product or service. Often, your sales approach matters just as much as what you’re selling. The most successful entrepreneurs create a connection with the customer by bringing their own personal touch to the sales process.”

She quotes sales trainer Adrian Miller who supports the need to build a relationship:

“People buy from people that they like and can relate to… when business owners overlook the importance of that personal connection, they run the risk of losing the prospect to someone else.”

Don’t run that risk! Your prospect will appreciate the effort and time it took to sit down, pick up a pen, write a personal message, stamp the envelope and drop the letter in the mail.

Handwritten letters make personal connections with hundreds, even thousands, of prospects at the same time.  And, each potential customer feels individually appreciated and personally acknowledged. 

Handwritten letters also have permanence, which is a benefit to you.  Maybe he’ll come across the letter on his desk a few days later, or he’ll walk it to a partner’s office and show her what you’ve written. You’ll be continuing to build the personal relationship and reinforcing your sales pitch, all with one personal letter!

Note: Sending a followup letter a couple of weeks later is a good idea if you haven’t heard a response from the first letter. Knowing you care enough to write him again just might be the push a prospect needs to contact you.



The letter was sent, the letter was read, and hopefully the letter was persuasive and personal enough to spark the prospect’s interest. Some sales letters lead straight to a purchase, but many lead to a personal meeting. Whether face to face, via a conference call or even with personal email communication, you now have a chance to continue building your customer relationship with your winning personality and charm.

You’ve already connected and done the introductions, so you can focus on listening to the prospect’s needs and helping him succeed with your product or service.



Next time you want to get in touch with prospects and you aren’t able to introduce yourself in person, skip the impersonal email and the pesky phone calls. Send handwritten letters to contact multiple leads, build the relationship and increase response rates to boost sales.


Note: Once a relationship has been built, don’t forget to maintain it. Handwritten letters are a key tool for generating customer connections, and they can also help you maintain them.

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Author: Brian Curliss

Brian Curliss is the CEO of MailLift and a leader in B2B SaaS marketing and sales tools.