Find New Job Quickly With Handwritten Letters

(Below is how one man was able to find a new job quickly with handwritten letters; however names have been changed to preserve anonymity)

When John lost his job, he did something very unusual. 

This unusual strategy led to

  • 30+ Meetings with Powerful Influencers in his field
  • A new job within 3 weeks
  • A $30,000 raise from his last job

It only took John 5 minutes on the computer and 3 phone calls.

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Below are 2 ways to replicate John’s success and find new job quickly

#1. Is the EXACT approach John took. It’s hands off, and fully automatic. 

  • Cost: $2950
  • Time: 1 hour of work, turnaround time, 3-5 days
  • PreRequisites: None

#2. Is the CHEAP approach. It’s hands on, and takes a lot of work. 

  • Cost: $270 (Save 1700$ bucks!)
  • Time: 100 hours of work, turnaround time, 1 month
  • PreRequisites: Patience, Good Handwriting, 100 hours of free time

Note: John had 300 contacts on Linkedin, and that’s the number we will be working with when it comes to all the price and time calculations.


#1. The Hands Off Approach

  1. Export your Linkedin Connections as a .CSV File  (10 Second tutorial Here)
  2. Open this template and save it in your Google Drive
  3. Fill in the template with your information
  4. Copy and paste this message into an email addressed to

Hello Abby

I would like to send handwritten letters to 300 contacts. I have a spreadsheet with their info but I will need address look ups. Each letter has 113 words and I would like it written on a Crane and Co. TriFold Card. Please call me at {Your Phone Number Here} 

-{Your name here}

4. Wait for Abby to call you; answer any questions she may have.

5. Email Abby your letter template (She will have asked for this)


Your letters should be sent to their recipients within a few weeks. Now just wait for the phone calls and emails to roll in. This is how John was able to find new job quickly.


#2 The Cheap Approach

  1. Open this template and save it in your Google Drive
  2. Fill in the template with your information
  3. Visit and order 350 sheets of this Stationery and 400 of these Envelopes. 250$ (There are a few extra than strictly neccesary to cover any mistakes)
  4. Visit and order a pack of these pens $20
  5. Export your Linkedin Connections as a .CSV File  (10 Second tutorial Here)
  6. Open your Linkedin .CSV File in Google Docs, look up the business address for each contact and copy it into the “Business Address” column in the spreadsheet. (Estimated Time: 5 minutes a contact x 300 contacts = 20 hours)
  7. Visit your local post office and buy 310 forever stamps $155
  8. Wait a week for the stationery and envelopes to arrive
  9. Assemble your stationery, envelopes, letter template, contact spreadsheet, and begin writing the letters and addressing the envelopes. It’s reccomended you spend a max of 4 hours a day handwriting. (For letters of this length, 4 hours is the magic number before error rates skyrocket and morale plummets. Trust me, we’ve tested it ) (Estimated Time: 20 days/80 hours)
  10. Seal and stamp the envelopes
  11. Take them to your local post office and send them.
  12. DONE!

This is the slow way to find new job quickly


MailLift makes large scale handwriting jobs like this possible and easy. The DIY option on the other hand, shows just how much of a nightmare it is without MailLift.