Send Handwritten Letters with MailLift and Zapier

In this post we’ll use Zapier to send letters with MailLift and use Wufoo for the example trigger. Zapier automates the web by making it easy to combine software API’s without writing a single line of code! This tutorial shows you how to build a Zapier integration with Wufoo, a popular form-builder.

When we’re done you’ll be able to send out personalized, hand-written letters with a few clicks all from your very own forms!

 If you don’t have a MailLift account, sign up for MailLift, it only takes a few seconds!

Step 1: Sign up for a Zapier Account

Head on over to and click the “Sign Up” button to get started.

Step 2: Get the MailLift invite

Once you’ve signed up, get access to the MailLift app in Zapier.

Click “Accept Invite” and you’ll see this page:

Now you can build your Zap!

Step 3: Pick the Zapier Integrations 

Select Wufoo as the Trigger app

Then Select MailLift as the Action app

Then choose “New Entry” as the Trigger

And choose “Send a handwritten letter” as the Action

This is what it looks like before you move on to the next step:

Step 4: Select your accounts

Connect you Wufoo account by clicking the “Connect a Wufoo account” button

Fill in your username and password

Connect your MailLift account, you’ll need to get the API key from the Developers tab in the MailLift dashboard. Paste the API key into the MailLift account Api Key field.

Step 5: Set up Wufoo and Zapier Triggers

In Wufoo I created a form that gathers a first and last name and a street address. Separating the first and last name makes it easy for us to write “Dear Skyler,” in the letter body instead of “Dear Skyler White,”

Back in Zapier I select the “Send a quick thank you letter” form from the Filter Wufoo triggers section

Step 6: Map Fields 

Now we map the address fields in the Wufoo form to the address fields in MailLift.

Put the first and last name in the Recipient Name 1 field.

Then “Street Address” in Recipient Address 1, “Address Line 2” in Recipient Address 2, and “City” in Recipient City.

For the Recipient State field, go down to “Choose Trigger Data”

Then select “State/Province/Region”

Then set the Recipient Post Code to “Postal/Zip Code”

Step 7: Compose your message


Now we get to write our message! In this case, it’ll be a quick thank you note for the person’s interest in MailLift

Hey ____,

Thanks for signing up for a demo of MailLift! We’re excited to learn how MailLift can make you look awesome. 

Handwritten letters convert 5-15x the national average for direct mail, so get ready to WOW your customers! 

If you have any questions you can call us at 888-247-9309 or email


The MailLift Team

Copy the letter body into the Message Body field.

At the beginning of my letter is a blank space where the recipient’s first name belongs. Delete the blank space and fill it in by clicking the “Insert Fields” button and selecting “Name: First” from the dropdown.

You can also fill out your address in the Sender fields. These fields are optional and not required.

Step 8: Test and Ship it!

Fill in your first address on your Wufoo form and click “Submit”

Then click “Test Wufoo trigger” in Zapier. This will load up the form entry you just made.

To send your first handwritten letter just click “Test Zap with this sample”

The button shows “Success” when MailLift receives the order for your letter.

Then we name the Zap and turn it on.

That’s it!

Whenever you add an entry to your Wufoo form, Zapier will send a personalized handwritten letter to the address you entered.

If you run into any problems with Zapier integration, email us at