Trends in Direct Mail: Solid State Shipping

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What are the new trends in Direct Mail?

Solid State Shipping

Solid state shipping is the practice of sending dimensional marketing collateral through the postal mail with no packaging or envelope. The message and postage stamps are applied directly to the solid state object shipped.

Want to solid state ship a Ping Pong paddle?

Write your message, return address and shipping address on the paddle, and take it to the post office where it will be weighed, and then stamped.

No packaging necessary! No packaging means you don’t have to worry about open rates. This is one of the cutting edge trends in direct mail 2016 for increasing cold connecting and adding unique touches for your marketing demand generation.

Benefits & Research on Solid State Shipping

The statistics backing sending dimensional objects through the mail for demand generation and increasing response rates are compelling:       

Research from Baylor University shows that dimensional mail has 20 times the penetrating power and boosts demand generation by as much as 75% over flat direct mail.

According to the Direct Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report of 2009: Dimensional mail averaged the highest overall response rate, at 5.49 percent, of any direct response medium.

Marketing Campaigns for 2016

Along with each marketing/demand generation campaign are sources to purchase recommended solid state marketing item, pre written copy prepared for you as a template, and price estimates for each campaign.

Prospecting with a ‘Message in a Bottle’


You built a solid list of prospects and email isn’t enough. Maybe you’ve already tired direct mail. Since people rarely follow call to actions in standard direct mail, how would the right segment respond to a message in a bottle?

Here’s where to buy shippable bottles for this campaign at $3.41 per bottle (shipped).

Prospecting Template

934,434,834 to 1

Those are the odds you’ll find a message in a bottle washed up on shore. Those are also the odds of finding a traditional service provider whose key focus is customer happiness. {{company}} is untraditional. No hidden fees, no cancellation cost, and local 24/7 customer support.

{{}}, call me at my personal cell at {{}} for a free week trial.

– {{}}

Reactivating Dead Leads with Handwriting on Boomerangs


Granite Medsystems reactivated 47% of their dead leads from a reactivation campaign placed with MailLift. With a high average customer lifetime value, they rave about their handwritten reactivation campaign’s success.

We’re going to replicate their success, using boomerangs! It may seem unusual to send a boomerang through the mail, but sometimes unusual is just the unique touch you need when the lead or opportunity is not responding.

Here’s where you can buy cheap bulk boomerangs at $2.92 per boomerang (shipped). MailLift also offers this service for a flat rate. Click here to contact us.

Reactivating Dead Leads Template

Hey {{}},

We talked a few weeks back about {their.goal} and how my team at {{company}} can assist, but I have not heard back from you. Here’s to hoping you’ll be like the boomerang! Yeah boomerangs leave, but they always come back.

Call me at{{}} to chat!

Converting Prospects to Workshop Attendees with Coconutsenhanced-23690-1396192283-1

Alpha Graphics got a 20% conversion to in-person workshop by doing what? Sending coconuts.

Alpha Graphics reached out to 200 “high value” prospects hoping to see a 20% response rate of which they planned to sell on a workshop. They offered a chance to win one of two gift cards ($150 and $50) if they respond to the coconut mailer.

The coconut campaign had a response rate of 46% of which 41 prospects attended the workshop. They also reported increased new revenue by 25% over the next six months.

The price varies between $8-$17 shipped depending on distance, weight and coconut type.

Converting Prospects to Attendee Template

 Hey Bonnie!

Put on your Hula Skirt and pour yourself a Pina Colda; We want to hear from you! We’ve put together a year-end survey to get feedback from AlphaGraphics’s most valuable customers (You) Here’s your personalized link!

– Nick

Bonus: 6 Marketing Ideas

Solid State Shipping Services

Utilizing trends in direct mail takes work. To outsource this to a company that over a 1,000 business trust, visit or contact us via email.

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