How To Use Tech To Build Relationships With Clients: 6 Useful Resources For Realtors

building relationships, client relationshipsBuilding relationships with clients is important to success in real estate. But, it can be an overwhelming job to keep tabs on leads, get to know new clients, communicate with existing buyers and sellers and maintain relationships with past clients. These technologies help make that job easier.

1. Refresh

Refresh gives you information about the person you are meeting with or clients with whom you need to communicate.

The Refresh app pulls information from social data as well as info and notes you input after meetings. As a realtor, you know people appreciate making a connection with an agent.

People also like when you remember things about them and show interest. You can improve in both of these areas using the Refresh app. You can have Refresh send messages to your phone so you get fresh reminders right before meeting with a client, new or existing. Building relationships is easier with Refresh.

Download the free app in the iTunes store

2. MailLift

Show clients you care about them by sending a personalized handwritten letter. MailLift, a handwritten letter service, lets you take the credit for thoughtful notes and you can continue building relationships without any hassle.

Send introduction letters to prospective buyers and sellers. Write notes to follow-up and maintain relationships with past clients. Even send a letter to request referrals.

MailLift’s API, CRM integrations and other ordering options make it quick and easy to show prospects and clients personalized attention.

A variety of purchase options are available.

3. Tempo AI

As a realtor, you are often traveling, on the go, meeting with buyers, sellers, brokers and agents anywhere and anytime. Keep yourself informed with Tempo AI.

According to the Tempo AI website, this smart calendar can find directions, drive time, insights about people and companies, or the latest email. You can find a client’s phone number, your flight status, or dial into a conference call.

Tempo AI connects your existing calendars, contacts, emails, documents, and apps to help you succeed even when your schedule gets busy.

Download the free app in the iTunes store.

4. Contactually

Contactually says it is “built with you, the user, in mind, from an engaging user experience, to automatically gather and harvest information, to surfacing the right actions every day that you can use to help grow your business.”

Contactually helps you manage customer relationships with the following features:

  • daily follow-up reminders
  • relationship building progress tracking (weekly stats and relationship grades)
  • email templates
  • article sharing
  • introduction capabilities
  • pipelines
  • contact management

These features can help you land clients, keep strong relationships with existing clients and communicate with other realtors and brokers.

Monthly Plans are available for individuals and teams. Contactually also offers a mobile version for iOS and Android.

5. Sitegeist

Although Sitegeist isn’t directly a customer relationship app, it can be useful when building relationships with buyers.

This mobile app draws on publicly available info to give you an at-a-glance look into your surroundings. The app taps into your location and then provides information ranging from demographics about people and housing to area sports teams and weather.

Buyers want to learn about an area before buying a home. Using this app can show your clients you’re knowledgeable about the location and that you’re interested about their happiness in a new neighborhood. This will do wonders to building a closer relationship.

Download for free in the iTunes store or download in the Google Play Store.

6. FiveStreet

Your leads might be coming in from Zillow, HomeFinder, Trulia, or a number of other online sources. As a busy realtor, keeping them organized can be difficult.

FiveStreet’s website says, “FiveStreet works with your existing lead sources and turns your phone into a virtual command center. Automatically broadcast leads to your team, keep track of who is working a lead, and grow your business.” Not only can the app help you organize lead sources, but it can help you act fast when a new lead comes in.

Features include:

  • automatic emails and/or texts to leads
  • team sharing
  • instant notifications when a lead is claimed
  • reviews of prospect details to keep you informed

FiveStreet has plans for solo agents as well as teams/brokerages.


Check out these tech tools to help you build your own client relationships and let us know what you think! If you know other useful apps for realtors, share them with us on Twitter (@Maillift) or on our Facebook page!


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Author: Abby Hoban

Abby Hoban is a marketing expert who helped dozens of businesses succeed with handwritten letters in their sales and marketing campaigns. Abby consulted for MailLift and will always be part of the MailLift family.