The 9 Worst Sales Scripts In History


A good salesperson always has numerous sales scripts handy. There is usually one for every type of customer, prospects, occasion and medium – handwritten notes, thank you notes, follow up emails you name it. But just as solution selling is long dead with the birth of google, so are some of these scripts.

To keep you from sending damaging handwritten notes to your prospects, I have broken down 9 most popular sales scripts from around the web that can be the death of your sales.

1. Before Your First Meeting or Call

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the phone yesterday, busy as you are. I look forward to our meeting next [day] at [time] and promise to take only 20 minutes of your time.

Seriously, don’t send a handwritten note that states the obvious. Heck, don’t even send it as an email. You are surely wasting your prospects time and he/she is definitely not going to appreciate you for sending this. They’ll probably make an effigy and throw Gilbert’s leftover meatloaf at it.

This is one time you don’t need to send a handwritten note whatsoever. Instead send them a google, outlook or mac calendar invite they have to accept. It does not matter what you use.

2. After Demo

We believe that quality, blended with excellent service, is the foundation for a successful business. 

No! Definitely a big no! Notice how they don’t communicate anything of value. It does not say much about identity of the organization or what’s special about them. It does not reveal anything at all.

That’s because words like quality and excellent service have been so overused in business, they never stand out. Apart from that, it actually makes customers a bit wary and suspicious. Exactly the opposite of building trust.

The last thing you want to do is a handwritten note devoid of any personality. You should make your note sound like you are talking to a real person and should highlight what you can do for them.

3. Not Interested

Thank you for taking the time to consider my company’s product. I regret that we were not able to meet your current needs. Please feel free to call me if your situation should change or if you have any questions. I will keep in touch with any updates, as I hope that we will be able to do business together in the future.

You have just convinced them that you are not interested in them beyond a paycheck. Your prospect certainly isn’t coming back for another round!

You need to understand why they are not interested and tailor your message accordingly. There are three possible reasons why they are not interested:

  1. They are not your target market. In this case skip the handwritten note and email them a simple thank you with links to products that might better fit their needs.
  2. It’s not worth the hassle to switch over to your product. Either because your product is not superior to their existing solution or you haven’t matched the value to their problem. As Andy Paul says in his post, you have to then be honest and ask yourself, “Would this company be substantially better off if they adopted your product or service? And, secondly, are you better than the other guys? In similar situations, with similar customers, have you reliably beaten the competition?” or
  3. Your customers are still in the awareness phase which means they are not yet ready buy, since they don’t really see it as a problem yet.

4. Decided Not to Buy

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you about my company’s product. When you need a new [insert product here], I hope you will keep me in mind so that I will have the chance to provide you with excellent service.

You are definitely going to feel the heat coming from the flaming waste basket. That’s right, they actually took the time to print your email to burn it. And if you sent this in a handwritten note, well you get the point…

This letter has nothing that will make your customers want to keep you in mind the next time. It’s going in the trash right away. If they decided not to buy, figure out where they are in the buying cycle and put them through your drip campaigns if it is appropriate.

5. Went With Competitors

I regret being unable, at this time, to prove to you the benefits we have to offer. We keep constantly informed of new developments and changes, so I will keep in touch with the hope that in the years ahead we will be able to do business.

When they choose another product, the next two best things you can get out of it after a sale is a relationship and feedback.

To start with, send them a printed and a digital checklist (branded) that will guide them and their team when implementing the solution. Something they can share internally or externally.

Send them links to posts on your blog that might be useful to them going forward. Show them value in signing up for you blog posts.

Alternatively, get feedback from them and find out what made them pick your competitors over you.

6. After Purchase #1

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer you one of my company’s exceptional products. I am certain you will benefit from our new relationship. If you have any questions about your [insert product here], please contact me immediately so that I can provide you with excellent service.

Again stay away from overused words like excellent service and exceptional products. Very rarely does a customer think your product is exceptional and that’s definitely not why people buy.

They buy because it solves their problem. Assure them that they made the right choice in solving their problem – whether it’s save them money, making them more money or personally it’s going to make them look good.

7. After Purchase #2

We are confident that you will be happy with this investment towards future growth. My goal is now to offer excellent follow-up service so you will have no reservations about referring others to me who have similar needs as yours.

Irrespective of your intention, this sounds like all you more concerned with milking them. Besides now you have shifted their focus towards evaluating you. Even before they have been on-boarded.

Every product has a learning curve and it takes time to change habits. A lot of new customers are going to have a few hiccups and difficulties with your product. If you put them in an evaluating mode before they have actually had a chance to see the value out of your product, you are going to have a hard time changing their opinion.

At this point your focus should be solely on helping them get more value out of your product.

8. On Referral

Thank you for referring [insert referral name here] to me yesterday. You can be sure I will provide [him/her] with the highest quality of service possible.

This is a good start but again it reads a bit like corporate mumbo-jumbo. Instead, send a note after you have spoken to the prospects referred to you. Add personal note about that person or if the referred prospect aligned exactly with your target market, appreciate them for that. Get creative and find ways to customize your thank you notes.

9. On Customer’s Anniversary

I would like to thank you once again for being one of our valued customers. We frequently update our product offerings, so I encourage you to let me know if you have any questions about your [insert product here]. If you would like to know about our newly introduced models, please give me a call.

This anniversary is not about you. It’s about them. Not to mention if your customers are just hearing about new stuff you released this year, you’re already lost. Buy a turnip and roast it. You’ll get better results.

If you absolutely have to send them a notification about your new product updates, please use emails instead.

Your anniversary note should highlight their achievements in the past year with your service. It can be a handwritten note of congratulations and highlighting their efforts. Write a detailed post on them with their permission. Showcase them. It is their anniversary after all.

Next week, I am sharing the best sales scripts for your prospects and customers at varying stages in the sales cycle. Get access to it when it’s published by entering your email below.

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